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Quisha Alexander Robertson

Nurse Practitioner

Quisha Robertson, pronounced Keisha, is a seasoned nursing professional with over 14 years of dedicated experience in providing exceptional healthcare. Her career journey began in New York, where she worked extensively with the geriatric population and children with special needs, honing her skills in compassionate and comprehensive care.


Transitioning to the realm of hospice and palliative care, Quisha provided invaluable support to individuals and families during challenging times. Her commitment to excellence led her to a federal qualified health center in the Philadelphia area, where she continued to excel in delivering high-quality care.


With a robust background in treating various conditions, including chronic diabetes, hypertension, women's health, and pediatrics, Quisha brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She obtained her advanced degree with a focus on diversified care across the lifespan, aligning with her passion for connecting with patients and promoting preventative healthcare.


Quisha's approach centers on building meaningful relationships with her patients, empowering them to proactively manage their health and well-being. She is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves, one patient at a time.

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Sharon Feist

Nurse Practitioner

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