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February 7, 2022

We're revitalizing the Community Center in an important way.

Recently, we brought in our new Director of Community Outreach - Bri Rogers, a Philly native and Black millennial hungry to blueprint massive engagement efforts in our city. Bri has a passion for exploring the psychology of human interest as a motivational construct - what makes things interesting, the role of interest in personality, and the development of people’s idiosyncratic interests, hobbies, and avocations. Bri has meshed her study of aesthetics and intrigue to drive her engagement methods in community outreach and social service.

Sayre is changing the way we serve community by evolving to the interests, needs, and trends of the people we serve. Our upcoming programming, events, and info sessions will center on continuing conversations of multi-cultural health and wellness, as well as make space for underrepresented topics, identities, and social issues. 

Sayre - A community for the culture