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Care for All

Sayre Mobile Care Unit  

The Sayre Mobile Care Unit (MCU) is an outreach program by Sayre Health Center, a not-for-profit and Federally Qualified Health Center located on 59th and Walnut Street. Sayre MCU is a large van installed with medical equipment and designed to be a doctor’s office on wheels. Through our MCU, we hope to make healthcare more accessible to homeless and food insecure populations and help them navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.   

Who will be on the van?  

  • Physician  

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker   

What services will be provided?  

  • Physical Examinations  

  • Medication Prescription Refills 

  • Mental Health Screenings  

  • Blood Pressure Screening  

  • Blood Glucose Screening  

  • Tuberculosis Testing  

  • Vaccinations  

  • COVID – 19 Testing

  • COVID - 19 Vaccination

Contact us at:

MCU Email: 

227 South 59th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139

Office: 215-474-4444

Fax: 215-474-6021

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