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Care that comes to you!

Sayre Mobile Care Unit  


The Sayre Mobile Care Unit (MCU) is an outreach initiative by Sayre Health Center, centered on increasing access to care, and improving healthcare equity in underserved Philadelphia communities. The Sayre MCU is a large van installed with medical equipment, designed to be a doctor’s office on wheels. Through our MCU, we offer flexible, responsive care for vulnerable groups and urban spaces, with a goal to foster advocacy and advance access to preventive medicine.


Who will be on the van?  

  • A Medical Physician  

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker   

What services will be provided?  


  • Mental Health Screenings  

  • Blood Pressure Screening  

  • Blood Glucose Screening  

Contact us at:



5800 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19139

Office: 215-474-4444

Fax: 215-474-6021

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