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After a year of successes and thanks to the help from generous benefactors, this year truly was a first for Sayre Health Initiatives, Education, and Leadership Development (SHIELD) participants at the health center. Not only did two Sayre seniors become certified medical assistants before graduating from high school in June 2015, those same students were each awarded $8,000 scholarships! Normally, the health center only awards one scholarship to a Sayre High School senior who is interested in pursuing a health related major at a post-secondary institution. However, due to the overwhelming generosity of donors, both students will be attending the colleges of their choice on full rides.

As Ronisha is settling in at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to study biology, it is hard not to reflect on her incredible transformation and achievements. When Ronisha came to SHIELD in the fall of 2012, she was a quiet and reserved student with a growing interest in the field of cardiology. During the summer of 2013, she applied her skills learned in SHIELD as a student intern in the health center. Then, in November 2014, Ronisha became the first SHIELD student to pass the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) exam and when she applied to colleges, she was accepted to eight colleges and universities. To round off the year, Ronisha graduated as the salutatorian of her senior class with a 3.8 GPA as an outspoken and confident young woman. While we are sad to see her leave, we are so proud of and happy for this aspiring doctor!

Likewise, Dymond has left quite a legacy. She passed the CCMA exam in February 2015 and was accepted to 13 colleges and universities. While Dymond has always been vocal about her thoughts, she has shown great dedication to her studies and has grown a considerable amount of compassion, making her a patient favorite. Dymond is ready to start her studies at Holy Family University and we are very confident that Dymond will be a successful student while studying to become a registered nurse!

This year’s campaign success was made possible by donations from the Board of Directors and staff at SHC, 30 patients of the health center, and 20 outside donors. This scholarship has closed the financial gap left and will allow these to young woman the chance to focus on their studies so that they can become the next generation of health care professionals.

We are especially thankful to Penn Medicine! Having two exceptional candidates and exceeding our original fundraising goal ignited the desire of offering two scholarships as the thought of selecting just one of the two highly qualified candidates seemed out of the question. Penn Medicine’s generous donation allowed us to provide both deserving candidates with the scholarship, closing out a year of successes!

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