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Share your experience with us
What is your race?
What is your ethnicity
Health center hours work for me
I am able to get an appointment quickly when sick or hurt
When I call in, the reason for my call is taken care of
The wait time on the phone is satisfactory
I am able to get medical advice when the office is closed
The lobby and waiting room were clean and comfortable
The exam room was clean
Clinical Support Staff (front desk / medical assistants) listens to me
Clinical support staff (front desk / medical assistants) are friendly and helpful to me
My provider listens to me
My provider spends enough time with me
My provider answers my questions / gives me educational material
Sayre has helped me find services I need
I received test results in person, by phone, or by mail
Sayre helps me make healthy lifestyle choices
I would refer my friends and family to Sayre

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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