Get Your Shots

SHC is issuing a free Flu Shot campaign which I find very beneficial to the West Philadelphia community. I think we should all do our part in helping SHC make sure that everyone has access to a free vaccination this year to prevent the spread of the virus. Even if they do not want to take the shot they can still use four of the five ways I have listed in the adjacent article. Make sure to check out “5 ways to Avoid the Flu” to help keep yourself protected as well as the other around you.

Wellness Kits

In addition to the flu clinics that the Sayre Health Center has been administering, to ensure that everyone in our community has been vaccinated and ready to combat the flu virus, they have also started giving out wellness kits. The kits include various items to you stay healthy and not get sick, like Kleenex and hand sanitizer. It also supplies you with items to help you if you start to feel a little under the weather like cough drops and tea. Finally, it provides some general care products like chapstick. So next time you are in SHC be sure to ask for your wellness kit!

Dr. Bernett L. Johnson, Jr.

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